💋 #charlottetilbury#bondgirl. The most comfortable matte lipstick i've ever tried. So light weight on the lips, you can barely feel it's there. It's a matte formula however it doesn't look flat at all. I would call it a matte with dimensions. Not drying at all!!!! The shape of the tip makes it so easy to create a sharp cupid bow.One down side for me is the packaging. It is gorgeous but the material feel a bit light like cheap plastic. Not my favourite but it can be a pro if you want to carry it around without add tons of weight to you bag.Rating: 4.5/5 definitely worth your money!#charlottetilbury #charlottetilburylipstick #bondgirl #charlottetilburybondgirl #lipsticklover #lipstickjunkie #lipstickswatch#sophieveeswatch #AppPrettyTips