🌟Shade: Make your move - Brown nude with a hint of dusty pink 🌟It's not like a traditional liquid lipstick or even a lip laquer. It's hard to describe but this is a duo lipstick.

⭐Step 1: apply the color layer - it's very sticky and patchy!!

✳ Step 2: Apply the top coat layer which is also performs as a gloss one. And this layer smells quite irritating - a fruity artificial scent. It doesnt linger except for when I'am eating or kissing 😒

🌟It looks dried after about 3hrs but your lips are still in good condition. Dont worry. 🌓 Does not transfer at all but does fade when I'm having an oily meal. It fades at the fine lines on my lips, which I hate😐 Especially when I smile...you can imagine that, you know what I mean right⁉ It also becomes patchy after I'm having oily foods. ➡ Be aware to reapply it. 🌟Without oily foods, the color stay there All Day!! without any flake falling out!

💦P.S: It's claimed to be kiss-proofing and yes it does. But I do not recommend kissing anyone with this lipstick on 😂 bc of its scent#lipstick #lippie #pnislippies #makeyourmove #rimmellondon #16hkissproof #provocalips #swatch #review #vietbeauty #appprettytips #beauty #brownnude #brow #nude #dustypink #favorite #lips #liquidlipstick #liplacquer #lipland