Jumiso review campaign report

Đăng bởi Pretty Tips vào lúc 30/09/2022

1. Pretty Community

Who are the reviewers?

  • Age: 20 - 25

  • Gender: 92% female, 8% male

How they think about the product after 3 weeks?

Reviewers love the vibrant packaging and reasonable price point that is budget-friendly with students/young professionals.

Serum is reviewed to be effective in fading new dark spots, evening out skin tone & making your skin glow from within. However, the old hyperpigmentations remain the same.

The quick absorbing, slightly hydrated texture is also a highlight.



2. Pretty Tips platform

200,000++ impressions



3. Marketing Activities (Facebook)

16,000 impressions


4. Marketing Activities (Instagram)


8,000 impressions 


5. Marketing Activities (Instagram Stories)

200,000 impressions


6. Marketing Activities (Reviewer’s Instagram)

10,000++ impressions 


7. Recommendations

Overall, the product is loved by the Community and there’s a high demand of brightening product in Vietnam market



  • 16 - 23 y.o

  • Students, young professionals

  • Pigment-prone, acne-prone skin



According to the published reviews, we suggest to focus on these features to communicate to customers:

  • Fading new dark spots, acne scars

  • Slight hydration for oily/combination skin in humid weather

  • Evening out skin tone

  • “Glow from within” effect

  • Safe for acne



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